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Pine Marten Tree Care is a local Spokane tree care business owned by husband-wife team Loren and Kristen Landrus. We are a South Hill Spokane-based tree service specializing in tree care, tree pruning and tree removal.

Give us a call (or send a text!) and we’ll provide you with a FREE estimate — you may reach Loren at 509-904-6345.

We may also be reached at Loren@pinemartentreecare.com.

Thanks and we look forward to hearing from you!

Kristen and Loren Landrus, Owners

What the heck is a Pine Marten?

Many people ask if our name is “Marten.” It’s not. It’s Landrus.

Our company is named after the Pine Marten, an adorable, energetic, denizen of the woods that can be found right here on Mount Spokane! The Pine Marten is an avid tree climber, a tireless adventurer, and an intrepid catcher of vermin.

He works not in a frenzy, but with focus and precision that only seems frenetic from the outside. When the time comes for him to stop, look, listen — that’s just what he does!

We take inspiration from the Pine Marten’s intrepid spirit and industrious nature.

Don’t hesitate to verify that we are licensed, bonded and insured:

UBI # 603 573 421   | Contractors License # PINEMMT846PM | ISA # PN-8303

isa certified arborist Pine Marten Tree Care


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